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The Final Front Ear

The Final Front Ear

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Brand: Classic Pictures
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Impressionist George Marshall takes a theatre audience on a voyage with the crew of the USS Enterprise. Captain Picard discovers that he has a speech impediment, while the security chief celebrates his birthday.   This one hour live show 'The Final Front Ear ' goes boldly where no other comedy stand-up has dared to go.

George Marshall, impressionist extraordinaire, is captured performing his uproarious, 'hitherto unlogged voyage' of everyone's favourite science fiction show.   Inspired by Patrick Stewart's performance of A Christmas Carol' George performs to a sell out adudience, filled with trekkers and aficionados, on a comic,cosmic journey that is a side-splitting homage to life on the Enterprise.

Sent to investigate a possible threat of invasion, our intrepid crew instead find an old adversary who sets them on a race against time, to save themseleves, humanity and all good things. Meanwhile the Captain has a speech problem, the Security Chief has a birthday and Engineering has a piano.

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