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Greg Lake - From The Beginning

Greg Lake - From The Beginning

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2 CD set. From The Beginning is made up of key material from both King Crimson and ELP's illustrious histories as well as Greg Lake's more aggressive solo ventures which feature such hard rock hitters like Gary Moore and Cozy Powell. Disc one opens with a raft of Prog Rock classics such as, 'In The Court Of The Crimson King' and ELP's 'Knife Edge' and 'Karn Evil 9' before venturing into Greg Lake's solo material proper, beginning with Lake's seasonal favorite, `I Believe In Father Christmas' and a live working of `21st Century Schizoid Man'. Disc two sees Lake's heavier material emerging with guitarist Gary Moore displaying his power on tracks such as 'Nuclear Attack' and 'Retribution Drive'.


1. Court Of The Crimson King (King Crimson)

2. Cat Food (King Crimson)
3. Knife Edge (Elp)
4. Lucky Man (Elp)
5. From The Beginning (Elp)
6. Take A Pebble (Mar Y Sol) (Live) (Elp)
7. Still (Pete Sinfield)
8. Still You Turn Me On (Elp)
9. Jerusalem (Elp)
10. Karn Evil 9 1st Impression (Elp)
11. I Believe In Father Christmas (Single Version)
12. C’Est La Vie
13. Closer To Believing
14. Watching Over You
15. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Live)
16. Nuclear Attack
17. Love You Too Much
18. It Hurts
19. Retribution Drive
20. Lie
21. Let Me Love You Once
22. Manoueveres
23. I Don’T Why I Still Love You
24. Touch And Go (Elp)
25. Lay Down Your Guns (Elp)
26. Love Under Fire
27. Money Talks
28. Black Moon (Elp)
29. Paper Blood (Elp)
30. Affairs Of The Heart (Elp)
31. Daddy (Elp)
32. Heart On Ice (Elp)


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