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Clubbers World (Feat DJ Tiesto)

Clubbers World (Feat DJ Tiesto)

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Brand: Studio T
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DVD and double CD taking you to the world of clubbing in Amsterdam. The DVD takes you to some of the best of Amsterdams clubs, including the Milky Way, Escape and Trance Buddha, with mixes from these clubs and a visual guide to Amsterdam. Plus a Clubbers World 3D game and DJ profiles.

Product Description

Clubber's World - Amsterdam: The Ultimate Clubbing Experience (Double-CD + DVD-Box) by Various -

CD 1:

1. Yahel & Eyal Barkan : Voyage 2. Hardy Heller & Ray Boyé : Lovin (Ohral Dub Mix) 3. Reverb : It Club Mix 4. Threesome : Mohave (Cor Fijneman & Dawnseekers Remix) 5. Silverpoin : Respect The Night (Club Mix) 6. Van De Hoven : Chemistry Club Mix 7. Trance Society : Yellow Energy 8. Da Silva : Trance Getaway 9. Vimana : Dreamtime 10. DJ Mazzo : Escape Remix 11. Klubheads : Divide Your Mind 12. Hans Petri : Deep In Your Heart 13. Van Blue : In Your Mind (Hypnotix Mix) 14. DJ Remy : Pumped Up 15. Greenheart : Smile -

CD 2:

1. Allure : We Ran at Dawn (Remix by DJ Tiesto and Cor Fijneman) 2. DJ Halen : Melkweg Magik Remix 3. Suburban Chaos : Trance Buddah 4. DJ Paul : Nighttown Club Mix 5. Sevenson : Clubbin on Sunshine (Abnea Remix by John Gielen) 6. Delirium : Silence (Club Mix) 7. Epitaph of Europe :Welcome To Oblivion 8. Jaimy & Kenny D : Caught Up Running (DJ Tiesto's Summerbreeze Mix) 9. Jay Der Ree : Return To The Groove 10. DJ Van Geld : The Amsterdam Project (Remix By House Of Trance) 11. Massey : Ultimate Time In Motion 12. Dubstar Harmonics : Irrational Impulses 13. Anthemics : Perpetual Escape 14. Ryas Claat : Its All in Your Minds Eye 15. Psycoheads : Secret World -

DVD:  This feature-length DVD captures the best clubs, the chart-topping DJs and hit mixes, that amsterdam, the clubbing capitel of the world, has to offer. Experience a night with DJ Tiesto at the Milky Way or chemistry at escape, also featured; It, Trance Buddah, exit and all the best that amsterdam has to offerthe discerning clubber. With a Soundtrack compiled from the finest music and artits on the dutch dance scene, including Yahel, Eyal Barkan, Hardy Heller, Ray Boyé, Threesome, cor Fijneman & Dawnseekers, Viamana, DJ Tiesto, Sevenson, Allure and Jaimy & Kenny D, this is the ultimate clubbing experience. - Includes: o Club Guide To Amsterdam o The Milky Way Mix , a.m.

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